Basketball Tips & Drills

  1. Warm-up

    Begin your shooting warm-up within five feet of the basket focusing on form. As you make 5 shots in a row take a large step back. This will increase of shooting ability.

  2. Stretching

    Stretch before AND after practice/games to make sure you don't pull a muscle and aren't stiff or sore the next day.

  3. Ball Handling Improvement

    When comfortable dribbling without looking at the basketball, practice dribbling with two balls at the same time - figure 8, cross-overs, low dribbles.

  4. Team Bonding

    This is essential in ALL sports. Bonding develops chemistry between players on & off the court. This could be as simple as playing Duck, Duck, Goose! or running a relay on the court. Teams with great chemistry tend to understand one another's personalities and strengths/weaknesses, which ultimately helps players work better together on the court.

  5. Stretching

    A good stretch helps keep you from cramping.

  6. Remembering Fundamentals

    Always remember to do your basic fundamental drills and practices daily. They should be the core of your training.

  7. Teamwork

    Everybody on a team has a certain role. Just because you never play doesn't mean you aren't part of the team, and even if you play all the time you aren't a more important team member than others. Know your role, and make the most of it!

  8. Attitude

    Always have the right attitude so the coach will know that you're there to play.

  9. Set Goals

    All athletes can improve their athletic performance by determining goals and outlining steps that they can take to achieve those goals.

  10. Recovery After Injuries

    Active rest will help in recovery and regeneration after sports related injuries. A brisk walk or slow swim is considered active rest. Also, a sports massage will help reduce muscle fatigue.

  11. Training

    Do not increase training time or intensity by more than 10% at a time. This should help reduce injuries.

  12. Improve Passing Skills

    Practice all types of passing including chest passes, overhead passes, bounce passes and variations of each. Consider spacing when passing and also pass to where the receiver will be versus where they are at the time of the pass.

  13. Increase Your Speed

    Utilize proper running mechanics and run uphill (or use resistance chutes)to increase your running speed.

  14. Challenge Yourself

    Don't simply practice the skills that you are good at. Challenge yourself to learn new skills and practice them. The more you learn and master, the more valuable you are to your team!

  15. Practice

    Arrive at scheduled practices early, stay late and work hard while you are there.

  16. Performance Growth

    Listen to your coach. A coach not only determines your play time, a coach is also a valuable resource because coaches generally want to help you grow and develop as a player, and they will have training and experience to help make it happen.

  17. Use the Backboard

    Use the shooter square on the backboard, aim at it especially when making a lay up.

  18. Follow through Action

    While taking long shots, always take a few steps in same direction after shooting. It helps in collecting the rebounds as well as reduce the immediate jerk to your knee joints.

  19. Tips

    Do Leg Ups everyday and you will see a huge difference.

  20. Ask for Help

    If you need help be sure to ask an instructer, never deny help or be afraid to ask.

  21. Believe

    Keep up your grades and practice everyday. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything. Thank GOD everyday for giving you the ability to play sports and be great.

  22. Discovering Your Talent

    Discovering your talent starts from the classroom. Keep making good grades and see the difference in your talent discovery.

  23. Free Throw Shooting

    Make sure you follow through and bend your knees.

  24. Injuries

    When you are hurt tell someone -- don't cover it up and say you are fine if you are not!

  25. Shooting Drill

    Shoot a hundred jumpshots a day from wherever and you will see a difference.

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